Earn Crypto by Exercising with Fight Out – New Move-to-Earn Platform

• Fight Out is a new platform that rewards users for adopting a healthier lifestyle.
• It tracks more than steps, including gym sessions and other forms of fitness activities.
• The platform is powered by the ERC-20 token FGHT, which can be used to enter tournaments and leagues and also make peer-to-peer wagers.

Fight Out Platform

Fight Out is a new platform that intends to revolutionize the fitness sector by enabling users to receive rewards for completing exercises. With its app, users are given an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while exercising and get into the Fight Out metaverse, where they can test their physical skills along with those of other community members.

FGHT Token

The web3 ecosystem of the platform will be powered by the FGHT token, an ERC-20 token built on Ethereum. Users will be able to pay with FGHT in order to enter tournaments and leagues and win prizes in this native currency as well as make peer-to-peer wagers using it.

Avatar Creation

When making an account for Fight Out’s app, users can create their own digital NFT avatar. This is their Fight Out self and since it is soulbound, it cannot be sold or given away to someone else. As the user gets stronger in the real world, their NFT avatar’s strength stat and any abilities that go with it also get stronger.

Weekly Challenges

Fight Out launches its weekly challenges called #FightOutChallenge which helps motivate users who may have lost motivation on their fitness journey already with amazing prizes at stake for winners of these challenges!

Move-To-Earn Platform

Fight Out works to enhance Move-to-Earn platforms by tracking more than just steps but all forms of fitness activity measurable through technological methods. By giving users an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency while exercising, this start up hopes to revolutionize exercise habits among individuals around the world!

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