Empowering Churches Worldwide: Jon Blaylock Seeks Blockchain Revolution

• Jon Blaylock is a former pastor who has recently established a decentralized digital currency, Ophir, to raise funds for churches in the Philippines.
• Donations of various cryptocurrencies are accepted through his program “Project Ophir Crypto” and donors will receive Ophir tokens as rewards.
• Blaylock believes that if churches adopt blockchain technology, this could lead to remarkable transformation in the current state of the church.

Jon Blaylock Seeks to Strengthen Churches Through Blockchain

Jon Blaylock has a rather interesting history behind him. In the past, he was a pastor at a church, though he’s since left the world of religion to focus on technical innovation, eventually beginning a company called 3lock that he’s now the CEO of.

Project Ophir Crypto

His most recent venture involves establishing Ophir, a decentralized digital currency that will develop the first endowment smart contract on the blockchain (it’s named after a land mentioned in the Bible). The goal is to raise digital currency funds to help establish further churches throughout the Philippines – his native country – and help present institutions stay afloat. The donation drive is known as “Project Ophir Crypto.” The goal is to attract crypto donations from all over the world to ensure churches in the country have what they need to keep their services going and their doors open to a God-seeking public.

Acceptance Of Various Cryptocurrencies

At the time of writing, several digital currencies are accepted through the program including USDT (a popular stable currency), USDC, ETH, SLP, and HEX. Those who make donations are also set to receive Ophir tokens as rewards for their actions. While at the present time, these tokens possess no monetary value, this is likely to change in the future as Blaylock wants to make Ophir available for general trading on exchanges and similar platforms.

Positive Transformation Through Blockchain

In a recent statement, Blaylock mentioned: Opportunities for positive transformation are limitless… By creating a platform that is easy to use and available to all, we hope to empower people

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