Kevin O’Leary: U.S. Needs Change In Crypto Regs

• Kevin O’Leary of „Shark Tank“ fame is worried about the U.S. government’s attitude towards crypto regulation.
• He believes that all the U.S. needs is policy and that more action needs to be taken to ensure crypto companies are running on clean energy.
• Elon Musk has also chimed in about crypto’s energy usage, wanting Tesla customers to be able to buy vehicles with bitcoin.

Kevin O’Leary Worried About US Crypto Regulation

Kevin O’Leary of “Shark Tank” fame is concerned about how the U.S. government is handling crypto regulation and believes the federal government should implement the right rules to ensure the industry is safe and sound for all. He also thinks it’s very important that more action be taken to ensure all crypto companies are running on clean energy due to reports suggesting that crypto mining now utilizes more energy than most third-world or developing countries.

Musk Desires Bitcoin Purchases Through Tesla

Elon Musk – the billionaire and South African entrepreneur behind companies like SpaceX and Tesla – recently made it clear he wanted Tesla customers to be able to buy vehicles with bitcoin, causing the price of the asset to go up drastically as a result of his statement.

O’Leary Believes Only Policy Is Necessary

O’Leary stated: I’m not looking for the federal government to provide innovation. I’m looking for them to provide policy.“ We don’t need them to develop anything – what we’ll do is license multiple stable coins, all backed by the U.S dollar, and let them compete in the market.“

O’Leary Seeks Renewable Energy For Crypto Companies

O’Leary was adamant that if crypto companies continued walking down their current path, then planet Earth would suffer heavily from this decision – prompting him further into saying he would cease buying any crypto mined in China given its poor history with renewable energy (this was long before China outlawed cryptocurrency mining).

Musk & O‘ Leary See Eye To Eye On Crypto Mining

It seems as though both Musk and O‘ Leary have had similar views when it comes down ot cryptocurrency mining: that there needs to be more use of clean energy source when it comes down ot this activity rather than carbon offsets which will only prove harmful in terms of environmental damage over time if utilized at large scales continuously..

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